Re: Image Captioning Add-on!


Yes, I agree, very interesting project.

If I have not misunderstood, when move in browser mode to a grafic by G key, if the object is not recognized as an image you should press Nvda+Alt+C twice, instead of moving the object navigator inside.

I love the function "isScreenCurtainEnabled()". A similar function  might be useful for windows OCR used in NVDA.



Noelia Ruiz ha scritto il 02/08/2020 alle 06:30:

Hi, as always, many thanks for this interesting project.
- Sometimes, when pressing g in browse mode and then NVDA+alt+c, the
add-on announces that this is not an image, but using the object
navigator and placing it inside (in the first child), NVDA detects the
graphic as such, thoug recognition fails.

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