Re: object name changed, but event_nameChange event is not fired

Luke Davis

There is already one add-on for Audacity in progress. You might want to look at it to make sure you don't duplicate work, or to see if you can contribute features to each other.

On Fri, 31 Jul 2020, Adil Shaikh wrote:

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to write add-on for audacity.
The basic features are already implemented and works well. But I have trouble implementing play meter feature to know the current level of meter.
Here is what I’m trying to achieve

* The play meter displays the value in
*  So, when the is changed, NVDA should announce new name.
Code snippets that I’ve already tried.
class Playmeter (IAccessible):
                def event_nameChange (self):
                                ui.message (
here is dev info for the object:
Developer info for navigator object:
name: 'Play Meter  Peak -5 dB'
roleText: None
isFocusable: True
hasFocus: False
Python object: <appModules.audacity.PlayMeter object at 0x05592F90>
Python class mro: (<class 'appModules.audacity.PlayMeter'>, <class 'NVDAObjects.IAccessible.IAccessible'>, <class 'NVDAObjects.window.Window'>, <class
'NVDAObjects.NVDAObject'>, <class 'documentBase.TextContainerObject'>, <class 'baseObject.ScriptableObject'>, <class 'baseObject.AutoPropertyObject'>,
<class 'object'>)
description: None
location: RectLTWH(left=896, top=44, width=25, height=25)
value: None
appModule: <'audacity' (appName 'audacity', process ID 7004) at address e9cf10>
appModule.productName: 'Audacity'
appModule.productVersion: '2,4,2,0'
TextInfo: <class 'NVDAObjects.NVDAObjectTextInfo'>
windowHandle: 3933800
windowClassName: 'wxWindowNR'
windowControlID: -31982
windowStyle: 1375731712
extendedWindowStyle: 65536
windowThreadID: 10644
windowText: 'Meter-Play'
displayText: ''
IAccessibleObject: <POINTER(IAccessible) ptr=0x6d4edc8 at 7a080d0>
IAccessibleChildID: 0
IAccessible event parameters: windowHandle=3933800, objectID=-4, childID=0
IAccessible accName: 'Play Meter  Peak -5 dB'
IAccessible accDescription: exception: (-2147352573, 'Member not found.', (None, None, None, 0, None))
IAccessible accValue: exception: (-2147352573, 'Member not found.', (None, None, None, 0, None))
If someone wants complete source code, here is the link:
nvda version: 2020.2.0
audacity version: 2.4.2
please could someone help?
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