Re: Time Zoner 1.04


Hmmm is there any automated solution to update the main repo with addons on the updater?

The only other way to handle this would be some way to add all the addon authors in databases github pages somehow to the updater or something.

Addons would be in releases, and source, well technically for dev snapshots of addons you can get it with git client  and with some stuff not compiled who knows.

I guess the user could have several repos connected.

Linux does this but obviously thats a chunk of work.

On 1/07/2020 8:25 pm, Joseph Lee wrote:
Time Zoner isn't alone - some add-ons from Tony hasn't been updated as the author didn't notify the add-ons community yet (at least officially). This is one of the reasons why I continue to maintain add-on files repo as a stop gap solution until a much better workflow shows up.

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There is a new update published already on April to version 1.04 on GitHub. But the NVDA website has still the old Add-ons version 1.03.
I think, the add-on developer forgot to update it here.

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