Re: Designing an Addoon for Web Browsing - i nee some help #addonrequest

Ibrahim Hamadeh

well you can try this:
import api
from browseMode import BrowseModeTreeInterceptor
obj = api.getNavigatorObject().treeInterceptor
if isinstance(obj, BrowseModeTreeInterceptor):
    BrowseModeTreeInterceptor.script_nextHeading(obj, gesture)
and if yo want to go to previous heading use
BrowseModeTreeInterceptor.script_previousHeading(obj, gesture)
and same thing with script_nextLink and script_previousLink
and other items also
attached with the message a file
script to go to next heading
in this file the script is executed inside a global plugin with the gesture: control+f2
enable scratchpad directory from advanced settings
open it, then put the file in the globalPlugins directory inside it
then restart NVDA,or reload plugins so that you can test it
hope that help.

On 6/29/2020 11:53 AM, Mohsen Mashhour wrote:
i am developing an add on for web browsing and i need to call some functions to jump to next page element like heading or link. without pressing a key on keyboard.
how could i do this?
best regards

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