Re: NVDA Skype add-on update released. Windows Skypes are unified!

Doug Lee

I don't mind it being reviewed or linked to, but the updates will continue to land at the URL I gave, as I automated the
posting process along with several other management items long ago for my projects. There may already be a link to
these like there is for TeamTalk, but I forget which ones have that and which don't.

Your offer is kind amid all else you do, by the way. :-)

On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 12:30:36PM -0700, Joseph Lee wrote:
If it wasn't done already, would you like us to review this add-on and
include this in community add-ons website in the future?

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Microsoft finally replaced Skype UWP for Windows 10 with the same Skype that
we've been calling Skype 8 for Windows Desktop. This was announced many
months ago but took a while to happen.

I have released version 2018.04.2 of the Skype add-on for NVDA, at

Apologies for the funny version number btw; I only noticed the "2018" after
making several release announcements.


URL change! The old skype/electron URL will still work for a while, but the
above URL is the new location for this add-on. Please update any pointers

Works with both Skype for Windows Desktop (Skype 8) and Skype UWP for
Windows 10, which is now the same interface.

Fixes review cursor navigation in messages in a chat history list. I did
this long ago, but it broke at some point.

A note for anyone switching Skype incarnations in response to this

If you are migrating from Skype for Windows Desktop to the newly identical
Skype for Windows 10, check your settings (Ctrl+Comma), because settings
from one version may not be automatically applied to the other even though
the interfaces are the same. I recommend paying particular attention to
where Skype says your audio will come from and go to.


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