Re: Add-on Updater 20.07 is on its way #addonrelease


Ultimately that's up to Takuya to answer.

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Are there not more customisations in focus highlight add on than in the nvda
implementation? I only tend to use this add on for when I have sighted
people here, to help them grasp what I'm doing, so it probably won't matter
to me personally, and to be honest I always did tend to feel focus highlight
could cause nvda weird effects. I've not seen those in the normal nvda on
its own.

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Subject: [nvda-addons] Add-on Updater 20.07 is on its way #AddonRelease

Hello everyone,

Add-on Updater 20.07 is on its way - it will show up in about an hour or
from now. Key changes include ability to detect and present a message
legacy add-ons (add-ons with features included in NVDA; as of today, this
applies to Enhanced ARIA, Focus Highlight, and Screen Curtain), and
possibility to save add-on update settings by pressing Control+NVDA+C,
revert to saved settings (Control+NVDA+R), or reset to defaults
(Control+NVDA+R three times).

IMPORTANT: Add-on Updater 20.07 requires NVDA 2020.1 or later. Although
add-on will work with 2019.3 with modifications, please update to NVDA
2020.1 or later for best experience.



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