Re: Developer toolkit reaches a new level

Pawel Urbanski

I second James' point. Developers use Chrome or Firefox developer
tools for such inspection.
Accessibility of either is quite good, but making it much better or
optimized for a screen reader with some alternative way to review the
information would be something I would pay for...
If one wants to be into web development he or she, as James already
mentioned, must be aware that it is about React.js Angular or Vue for
that matter... Last but definitely not least about a good flow when it
comes to communication with other developers on the team...
Knowling a color of a button is useful in the grand scheme of things,
but the design of web sites and apps is much more nuance...
If I were considering some kind of career in the web area I would
focus on web performance optimization, backend and processes related
to devops, or accessibility in a pragmatic sense that is recently
gaining alot of attention.

On 11/06/2020, James Scholes <james@...> wrote:
That explains how it parses the content, but not where it gets it from.
If your add-on downloads a copy of the web page and only uses
stylesheets or inline styles, that's not a true representation of the
DOM for a huge percentage of websites which rely on JavaScript. It
won't work at all with SPAs, or websites which require a login. And as
the web moves more towards web components and other dynamic techniques,
it will become increasingly less useful.

Now, if you were to write a web extension for the browser which could
communicate a true representation of DOM elements to your add-on via
IPC, that would be worth paying for.


James Scholes

On 11/06/2020 at 11:19 am, Andy B. wrote:
It uses the bs4 and tinycss libraries found in the pip repository.

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Before offering any sort of paid material, be that the add-on itself or

supporting content, it would be good to know how the add-on is obtaining

the mark-up and styling information.  Is it taken directly from the

browser's DOM?


James Scholes

On 10/06/2020 at 9:10 pm, Andy B. wrote:

> Hi,


> I am writing today to let you know that Developer toolkit, an NVDA

> add-on which assists with the user interface design experience for

> blind/visually impaired developers, has reached a major milestone in

> development. For the first time in its history, users can gain access

> the css and html of the focused object while developer toolkit mode is

> turned on.


> Once implemented, you can do the following:


>   * See positioning of the focused object. For example, absolute,

>     relative, and float.

>   * Determine the margins for each object.

>   * Find out how much padding each object contains.

>   * Find out the borders of an object if one is present.

>   * Find font/formatting information provided directly from the css.

>   * Determine if text or objects in a parent object are

>     vertical/horizontally aligned.

>   * Find the z-index of the focused object.

>   * Find out anything the style rule has defined for the focused

>   * Obtain the html source for the focused object.

>   * Explore and get suggestions on common color schemes such as

>     complementary, monochrome, analogous, triad, square, etc.

>   * Anything that having the css/html source will allow.


> Since this opens many more opportunities, it also demands more time

> work. I would like to know how interested people are in obtaining a

> version once it is complete. The options are as follows:


>   * Offer a free NVDA add-on that does everything, and sell how-to

>     guides, training, and books.

>   * Offer a free edition and paid edition of the add-on, and sell

>     guides, training, and books.


> Send your preferences and any concerns to ajborka@...

> <mailto:ajborka@...> as to not lock up the lists with unrelated

> content. Thanks for your time and consideration.


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