Re: Python dependencies in add-ons


I know that the NVDA team wants to keep the size of NVDA to a minimum.
This is important for use as a portable.

I think the pure python code doesn't take up much size.
The .pyd files of this type of modules are very size large.
If there are problems with file sizes, this can be reduced with UPX.
After all, 20-30 MB of RAM is used more, but it is an efficient method.

I wish you good coding...
As the work emerges, great ideas will continue to come from here.

On 09/06/2020 11:28, Shubham Jain wrote:
Hi Sean!

This seems like a fairly simple solution! The weights of the model already take up a lot of space (~150-200 Mb) and some of these libraries are ~50 Mb in size so I might need to get rid of all the unnecessary parts of the library to reduce space. Since I only require little functionality from these libraries, it would help with that too.

Your English is great and your explanation was very clear! Many thanks.

Shubham Jain


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