Re: Automatic language switching based on character set

William Wong


That is a good idea.

In fact I have made such an issue to request such a function on Github before.

I wanna the addon to have the following function.

-able to work not just for website, and also for other programs, like text editors, email clients etc

-able to set specific language and voices for specific language, i.e. not simply to tell it to use English Onecore voice to read English word, but can set which English Onecore voice to read English word

- support for Chinese and Japanese

Thanks and looking forward for the addon.


Tony Malykh 於 11/5/2020 5:28 寫道:

Hello all,
I often read texts in different languages, and I have to use SwitchSynth to switch the language of my synthesizer. What I noticed however, is that most synthesizers support automatic language switching, but the problem is that most text on the internet doesn't come with language attributes properly marked. What I'm thinking of is to write an add-on, that would insert proper language attributes (I mean LanguageCommand for speech.speak()) based on character sets. For example, Russian uses cyrillic alphabet, that can be captured with a regular expression. This way I'd be able to have my synth to switch between English and Russian automatically - I believe Jaws and VoiceOver can both do this already. This might not work for switching between other pairs of languages, say English and Spanish, since they both use Latin script.
I am thinking of writing an add-on for that, but I just want to check if this has been done by anyone else - Let me know!
Best regards

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