IPA speaking


Hi Alberto and all

I have just begun a little scratchpad script to speak the selected IPA text with eSpeak.

However, when looking at the source file espeak.py, it seems to me that eSpeak supports only 2 phonemes: [s) and [T) (th). Cf. IPA_TO_ESPEAK.

Seems strange to me. Did I miss something ovious?

Do you or anybody else have inputs on this?




Le 11/05/2020 à 12:14, Alberto Buffolino a écrit :
Tony Malykh, il 10/05/2020 23.28, ha scritto:
What I'm thinking of is to write an add-on, that would insert proper language attributes (I mean LanguageCommand for speech.speak()) based on character sets.
Hi Tony,
I'll love it! Seriously, I have this same idea from a lot of time, but I'm lazy, so... go and release soon! :D
I'll particularly love if it'll be able to intercept IPA spellings in Wikipedia, even if eSpeak is the only synthetizer capable to speak them correctly.

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