Re: Outlook Extended: Can't read headers in meting request

Daniel Gartmann


Hi Cyrille and Ralf,


A log has been sent privately. Thanks to both of you for following up so quickly.





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Good morning Cyrille and Daniel,

I tried to reproduce it with Office 365 but it works fine for me within cancelled and deleted appointments.

Daniel, please try to reproduce it with the steps Cyrille pointed out and come back to us with the results.





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Hello Daniel

Thanks for reporting this issue. Any feedback from other people on this topic is also welcome.

Maybe Ralf?

To help debugging this, could you please execute the following actions:

* Ensure that your log level is on DEBUG in NVDA's General settings
* Open NVDA's python console and execute the following commands:
import globalVars
globalVars.olexDebug = True
(Note that this debug setting will not be active anymore after NVDA restart)
* Open Outlook and open a cancelled meeting request
* Press various shortcut to read headers such as Alt+1, Alt+2, etc..
* Send me the log.

Note that the log in debug mode may contain personal information about your e-mail titles, cancelled meeting request headers and content, etc. If this information is sensitive, you may want to send me directly the log (if you want) rather than on this list.

Some additional questions:
* What is your version of Outlook? Did you test (if possible) on various version?
* Has this issue always been here or did it appear recently?
* When you speak about cancelled meeting request, are you referring to a message received in your Inbox informing you that a meeting that was previoulsy sent to you has been cancelled by the meeting organizer?

I do not remember if I have checked this type of messages. And I am not sure to be able to test myself for now due to work at home. Anyway, I will try to fix it. If I do not succeed in fixing it now, I will do it as soon as I can test.







Le 18/05/2020 à 16:56, Daniel Gartmann a écrit :




In a cancelled meeting request, I can’t use Alt+1 through Alt+0 to read the headers.


Is there any interest in more details? I don’t know what kind of input is needed for the authors to be able to work on a fix, so any advice appreciated.




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