Joseph Lee's add-ons: release schedule for other 20.06 add-on releases #addonrelease


Hi all,

The following is the tentative release schedule for other 20.06 add-on releases besides Enhanced Touch Gestures:

  • May 18th: Control Usage Assistant, GoldWave, Resource Monitor
  • May 19th: Object Location Tones
  • May 20th: StationPlaylist
  • May 21st: Windows 10 App Essentials
  • May 22nd: Add-on Updater


In case reviewers would like to review the current add-on work (perhaps to be included in community add-ons repo):{repoName}


Where repo name can be:

  • Add-on Updater: addonupdater
  • Control Usage Assistant: controlusageassistant
  • Enhanced Touch Gestures: enhancedtouchgestures
  • GoldWave: goldwave
  • Object Location Tones: objlocationtones
  • Resource Monitor: resourcemonitor
  • StationPlaylist: stationplaylist
  • Windows 10 App Essentials: wintenapps




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