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Ângelo Abrantes


Thank you very much for your good work.


Ângelo Abrantes

Às 12:17 de 16-05-2020, Javi Domínguez escreveu:
What i promised. Here it is:


Javi Dominguez

El 16/05/2020 a las 0:33, Javi Domínguez escribió:

It is true. I think I know the reason but now it's too late to upload a release to Github. I'll do it tomorrow. try yourself if you want:

change the line 69

        for item in self.ring[1:]:


        for item in self.ring[1:]:

The first item in the list, lines, I don't want it to be disabled. I was trying to indicate it as marked but I had already removed it before from the list of markable items in the initialization of the control. 2020.1 supports it but I guess they have improved CustomCheckListBox to handle that and now alpha doesn't allow it.




El 15/05/2020 a las 23:24, Ângelo Abrantes escribió:

After being translated, the add-on still does not allow me to make the settings.

Here's the log:

"ERROR - unhandled exception (22:19:34.140) - MainThread (6524):
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "gui\settingsDialogs.pyc", line 3630, in onCategoryChange
  File "gui\settingsDialogs.pyc", line 607, in onCategoryChange
  File "gui\settingsDialogs.pyc", line 589, in _doCategoryChange
  File "gui\settingsDialogs.pyc", line 510, in _getCategoryPanel
  File "gui\settingsDialogs.pyc", line 285, in __init__
  File "gui\settingsDialogs.pyc", line 295, in _buildGui
  File "C:\programas_portateis\NVDA Alfa 3\userConfig\addons\easyNavigation\globalPlugins\easyNavigation\", line 201, in makeSettings
  File "wx\core.pyc", line 2544, in _CheckListBox_SetCheckedStrings
AssertionError: String ('Linhas') not found

Ângelo Abrantes

Às 21:29 de 15-05-2020, Javi Domínguez escreveu:

I've fixed a bug that caused the settings not to be saved correctly when a translated addon was running.


Javi Dominguez

El 13/05/2020 a las 22:13, Javi Domínguez via escribió:
Hello all.

I just released a new addon on Github.

This is the direct download link:

This addon substitute single key commands for arrow keys to navegate through headings, links, etc. so that you can do everything with one hand more comfortably and efficiently. It's specially designed for facilitates navigation through the elements of a document for people with mobility difficulties but it can also be useful for everyone.

The use is very easy.

* Activate and deactivate  easyNavigation mode by pressing shift + backspace (this gesture can be customized in NVDA preferences).

* With easyNavigation mode activated use the left and right arrows to select the type of item and up and down arrows to move to the previous and next item of the selected type.

* Customize it in NVDA preferences> Options> easyNavigation. There you can indicate that it is always activated by default and also select the items you want in the options ring

I would like you to give it a try and if you consider appropriate posting it on the site, do  a review.

Javi Dominguez

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