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Javi Domínguez


I've fixed a bug that caused the settings not to be saved correctly when a translated addon was running.



Javi Dominguez

El 13/05/2020 a las 22:13, Javi Domínguez via groups.io escribió:
Hello all.

I just released a new addon on Github.


This is the direct download link:


This addon substitute single key commands for arrow keys to navegate through headings, links, etc. so that you can do everything with one hand more comfortably and efficiently. It's specially designed for facilitates navigation through the elements of a document for people with mobility difficulties but it can also be useful for everyone.

The use is very easy.

* Activate and deactivate  easyNavigation mode by pressing shift + backspace (this gesture can be customized in NVDA preferences).

* With easyNavigation mode activated use the left and right arrows to select the type of item and up and down arrows to move to the previous and next item of the selected type.

* Customize it in NVDA preferences> Options> easyNavigation. There you can indicate that it is always activated by default and also select the items you want in the options ring

I would like you to give it a try and if you consider appropriate posting it on the site, do  a review.

Javi Dominguez

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