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Noelia Ruiz


GitHub workflows are yaml files located in a subfolder named
.github/workflows inside a repo, for example, in your bme repo. There
we can instruct Github platform to perform taskss automatically when
certain events are triggered, for instance when we make a git push or
pull request, etc. Each workflow is a yaml file (with yml or yaml
extension using yaml syntax). We can place one or more workflows in a
repo, and each workflow can contain one or more jobs. A job is a
sequence or one or more steps. Each job runs in a separate machine and
they can run summultaneously, but we can make them to be performed
sequentially if a job needs a previous job to work correctly. This is
a minimal background. I wrote an introductory tutorial with examples
applied to add-ons at

Mesar and me worked experimenting and creating functional workflows
for add-ons at

Releases are a GitHub feature based on tags, but they aren't just
tags. GitHub allows to upload assets to releases, for example an
.nvda-addon file. Then GitHub knows about this file and we can use
GitHub api to do things like finding out the id of releases published
for an add-on or counting the number of downloads. I did this at
You can use the form included on this page or clone the repo to explore it.
Also, you can explore for more info.
Let us know if you want more clarifications.

2020-05-15 10:53 GMT+02:00, Gianluca Casalino <gianluca.casalino@...>:

Yes please let me know this way. It seems very interesting, but I never used
or learned about it.

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Thanks and sorry, I didnt realise about the broken link. Sincerely I thought
about suggesting to use GithUb releases feature, but I refused to say it
trying to respect the way used by the author, but I agree and think it would
be better. Also Github Actions can be used very easily, and may be easier
than appveyor since they just require to use certain files in the github
repo without setting an external service. @gianluca, please let us know if
you want us to provide more info about Appveyor or GitHub Actions.
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El 15 may 2020, a las 0:38, DaVid <dhf360@...> escribió:


The link available in the readme, provided to download the packaged
addon, is not working. It says file not found.

I suggest you to use the releases feature of github, you can get the
direct link of the latest release. Currently you have releasess, but
only the source code can be downloaded there.
You could even use automatic process of appveyor if you want.


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