Re: bme2 nvda addon: 2020.04.4 is here

Noelia Ruiz

Seems the link is not here, but you provided it for the previous
release candidate:
If needed, I may translate the description in case it is not posted in
the international website.

2020-05-14 17:04 GMT+02:00, Gianluca Casalino <gianluca.casalino@...>:

at this link you can find my repository.
In the package folder you can find the .nvda-addon file. The last is named
with the release number 2020.04.4.nvda-addon.
In the readme file you can find a detailed description and the direct link
for download.
I hope this helps.

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Oggetto: Re: [nvda-addons] bme2 nvda addon: 2020.04.4 is here


Thanks for your work. A member of an NVDA"s spanish mailing list owned by me
asked about BME add-on, so I would like to share this version there. Could
you summarize changes from the previous version (if any) and provide the
download link please?
About the international website, for my part I prefer to wait for a possible
add-on store included in NVDA, proposed months ago. This is just a personal
decission and I bring it up here since I am one of the admins, for
Please be save and healthy.Kind regards
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El 14 may 2020, a las 15:28, Gianluca Casalino

Hi all,
I have released the 2020.04.4 version of the bme2 nvda addon.
I believe this is a good start point from which to plan improvments and
If you consider this work useful for international comunity let me know
which steps it occours to include this addon in this comunity. I am at
disposal to continue to mantain this work alive.
Thanks you all for support.

Gianluca Casalino
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