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Javi Domínguez


This addon does it. check it out.

    def getSelection(self):
        if hasattr(treeInterceptor,'TextInfo') and not treeInterceptor.passThrough:
        except :
        if not info or info.isCollapsed:


Javi Dominguez

El 13/05/2020 a las 21:43, Joseph Lee escribió:


Any ideas?




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Hi all,

I’ve been trying to get my head around with nvda add-on development.

I have already read the nvda developer guide and add-on development guide. So far, I’m able to write simple add-on like saying messages, navigating object hierarchy etc.


I’m trying to get the selected text from the browser window.

I tried this code:

selObj = api.getFocusObject().selection

#copying the selected text to clipboard

selObj.copyToClipboard ()


the above code works in notepad, but it doesn’t work for browser.

What I know is so far it has to do something with the type of the object return by api.getFocusObjec t ().

For notepad, it returns  NVDAObjects.Dynamic_EnhancedEditFieldIAccessibleEditWindowNVDAObject object

And for browser window, it returns NVDAObjects.IAccessible.ia2Web.Ia2Web object.



Could someone explain me how do I get the selected text from the browser window?

How do you read the documentation for any class or object as there is no any in detail NVDA documentation?

I tried using pydoc utility to generate documentation from source code, but I just got loss.

Could you explain me how do I use pydoc to read documentation from NVDA source code?


Any tips/tricks are welcome!

Bunch of thanks in advance!


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