NVDA For VS Code 20.0.1

Pawel Urbanski

Dear Everyone,
Since time and other things allowed me to spend some time to fix the
add-on for Visual Studio Code, here it is:

New fixes or features:
1. Attributes of the editor, which is the textarea are no longer
announced after every code completion,
2. The name of th editor is not announced as attributes mentioned above,
3. There is a simple way to let one know that the editor has changed
due to for example openign a file to navigate to a declaration or
usage of a variable or function.
** If you want to get the full name of the file being opened just use:
NVDA+T to read teh title.
There is a VS Code workspace setting that lets adjust how long it is...

Most of all, enjoy... I hope it will help you out with your projects
big and small.
P.S.: As always, time and other things allowing, I will provide direct
fixes to the VS Code itself.

All the best,

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