a new addon - youtube-live-chat

Beqa Gozalishvili

hello all.

due to the current situation and spending most of time at home, i
started to watch youtube videos and live streams more and more.
reading chats is not so difficult, but when when participating in such
streams, it is necessary to answer questions from chat quickly and in
this case, it becames harder to jump from one to another window and
read chats.

so i've created an addon called youtube-live-chat, which will monitor
youtube chats from live streams and read it aloud.

you can download addon at


NVDA+alt+y - turn on/off chat monitor
turning on monitor will open a dialog where you should enter live
stream video id, which is after v parameter in link
NVDA+alt+shift+y - opens list of allready spoken messages.

for feature suggestions and bug reports, please write here or via email


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