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Usually I stay far away from this sort of stuff even in offtopic.

I know some places have less than perfect governments and thats putting it nicely.

But enough is enough.

Not siding with anyone but enough is enough.

I don't mean for this topic either, I mean in general.

Now its people and their lives, unless a certain country wants revenge and if they do, they have had it, even I have my limits.

I've just reached mine.


On 13/04/2020 8:16 pm, Brian's Mail list account via groups.io wrote:
I still see requests for older add ons for xp machine use, mainly from countries such as Iran. I guess there is no harm in this, since some people have no other option yet.

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Hi, for 2, I think no. They are for old versions of add-ons, compatible with NVDA 2017.-3, at least for add-ons maintained by me. When NV Access mamoves forward the workflow, hope we can also discuss about what to post on the website, or if the store will be independent and we should keep the website and a possible new store. Not sure.

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El 13 abr 2020, a las 1:02, Joseph Lee <@joslee> escribió:

Hi all,
Two things for add-on files repository:
As Rapid Settings has been superseded by multi-category settings in NVDA and there is no public entry for it on add-ons website, should this add-on be removed?
There are add-on keys with “-o” suffix. Can I remove them?
If the answer is yes to any of these, I’ll take care of these once NVDA 2020.1 stable version is released or April 30, 2020, whichever happens earlier.

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