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hasan tayyem

Hello Jason.
I hope that you are doing well.
Thanks a lot for the addon.
I have test it today, and It is working very good.
But I I have found a small problem wich is the addon is preventing
NVDA from reading the menus, the buttons, and the links.
I hope if you could fix it in the next virsion.
Thanks in advance.

On 25/03/2020, Jason Bratcher <imcoocoo@...> wrote:
Hey Hasan?
As per AudioThemes (which is now at V6.0), take a gander at this page:

I actually grabbed and installed it;
(BTW, you Will Have To Do Custom audio themes from Complete Scratch).
I can't speak for SpeechHistory or FakeClipboardAnnouncement.--
Jason Bratcher

"Hasan Tayem"

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