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In order for an add-on to be posted on community add-ons website, it must be reviewed by someone. I’m wondering if we have anything done about Doug’s add-ons.

As for legacy and compatibility questions, I’d leave it up to add-on authors to answer those.

In regards to Screen Curtain, I think it should be kept in legacy for a few more months.




From: <> On Behalf Of Adriani Botez
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 9:43 AM
Subject: [nvda-addons] Addons website


Dear all,


let’s start yet an other round of checks for the addons website.


Following things should be resolved, @Joseph or @Noelia could you please take care of?


  1. Column review addon: this addon is only posted under development section, however, there are two links on the website. One for stable and one for the development version. Both links lead to the development version though. So I propose to delete the stable version link since this addon is not posted in that section anyway.
  2. Some addons show the wrong compatibility flag (i.e. wordcunt). The addon on the website shows compatibility until nvda 2019.1 but I am runing the new version on NVDA 2019.3.1.
  3. How about Doug Lee’s addons? As far as I know he was asking for uploading his addons also on the official addons website.
  4. I think addons like focus highlight and screen curtain can be removed since this is part of NVDA now.
  5. Addons like Emule 0.5, crash hero, tip of the day, Mushclient, MIRC, Bit Che, Ventrilo or BGT Lullaby are not updated since years. Is there any progress on this? Otherwise I suggest to move these addons under legacy addons.



Thanks and best regards



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