Re: ColumnReview issue with Task manager

Alberto Buffolino

Lukasz Golonka, il 10/03/2020 18.10, ha scritto:
were you able to look into this in the mean time? For reference I am
able to reproduce this under Windows 10 1909.
Hi Lukasz, Cyrille and all,
I tried to fix the problem, that seems caused by a strange recursion error in checking instance (I'm quite sure that it should have a different behavior, but I'm not sure whether fault is of my add-on). At the moment, ColumnsReview functionalities are not available in Win10 task manager (that I personally find horrific).
I missed something about recent add-on management migration, so I not have addonFiles write permissions on Github, but I provided a download link in readme here (build 3.0-20200310-dev):

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