Re: beginner questions in NVDA addon development

Pawel Urbanski

I try to spend some time as a side project on fixes to VS Code itself.
I also created an NVDA add-on for VS Code. There are some more updates
on the way this week before I take a break.
I use VS Code myself obviously. You can add external folders as
dependencies. I've combined a bit of settings code which is in the
.vscode folder of thsi repo:

The next release of VS Code itself will get quite a few nice fixes on
accessibility side...

On 10/03/2020, James Scholes <james@...> wrote:
You can't import NVDA-specific modules outside of a running copy of the
screen reader at this time.


James Scholes

On 09/03/2020 at 5:47 pm, Venkatesh Potluri wrote:
Hi List,

I am just getting my feet wet with NVDA addon development and had a
few questions.
1. what are the set of libraries that I can use in an addon's code?
How can I add more python libraries and package them with the addon?
For example, I want to use websockets which when I checked is not
importable from the NVDA python console.
2. Using NVDA specific imports in other python environments.
Currently, I am able to import NVDA specific libraries e.g. ui,
speech, etc. in the NVDA python console. How can I make sure these
appear when I am using an editor like VSCode or in the standard python
I am using python 3.7.6.

Since this is my first post, here is some background on me -- I am a
PhD student at University of Washington and my research focuses on
screen readers and accessible programming tools. I am blind and use
NVDA full time for my access needs, and am exploring feasibility to
develop research prototypes on top of NVDA.

Answering these questions would be of great value to me.

I look forward to your help.

Best regards,
Venkatesh Potluri

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