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Thanks. I'm not good to write documentation. So, I'm glad to receive
help from you or anyone in documentation or code.
If someone wants to contribute, can send me the files to my e-mail or
send a PR to the repo on github. I prefer a PR but I know that it
involves more steps, so I can accept contributions via e-mail.
E-Mail: dhf360@...
github repo:

2020-02-14 19:26 GMT-06:00, Rui Fontes <rui.fontes@...>:


The add-on works very well!

For me, the readme should be constructed in a way more similar with the
other add-ons included in the oficial repository, but, for me, that is
not a show stopper, since is only to maintain some consistency...

If you want help to reconstruct the readme, I am available...

Best regards,

Rui Fontes

NVDA portuguese team

Às 17:04 de 14/02/2020, DaVid escreveu:
Hi there.

Some months ago I wrote this add-on, at first it was called delayed
character descriptions. this add-on has been very useful for many users.
but I stopped the process of making it official because there were
some minor problems with the python 2 versions of NVDA in some
computers. Even so, it's not something that affects the functionality
of NVDA or the add-on in python 2.

Now with NVDA 2019.3 and python 3, that issue isn't present, at least
in my tests.
So, I decided to send it for review again. This add-on has the
following features:

* Delayed descriptions: Announce the character description for the
last read character after n milliseconds when the character was
read by character review commands, E.G. left and right arrow keys,
left, current or right character review commands, ETC.
* Instant character descriptions: Read the character description
instead of the current character. This feature must be enabled or
disabled manually and will be deactivated when NVDA is closed.

Download the latest release here and test it!

See the repo and full readme here

Let me know your thoughts, corrections or suggestions.
David CM
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