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I’ll take care of that in just a few moments.




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Subject: To Joseph Lee Fwd: [nvda-addons] Upated Mozilla Apps Enhancements to 1.10 #AddonRelease



About two weeks ago I released this update. Joseph, when you can, if you consider it appropriate, I would like you to add it to the addon updater, please. Quite a few users have not heard and it is an important update.

Thank you.

Javi Dominguez

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[nvda-addons] Upated Mozilla Apps Enhancements to 1.10 #AddonRelease


Wed, 29 Jan 2020 22:51:16 +0100


Javi Domínguez via Groups.Io <fjavids@...>

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I have updated the addon with some corrections, especially compatibility with Thunderbird 68 that many users expected.

This is the list of news:

- Firefox:
    * Improved script to show the toolbar dialog. Added a script with optional gesture when NVDA+F8 twice does not work well. Go to NVDA settings>gestures to asign it your own gesture.
    * Improved when getting toolbar buttons. Now no longer shows invisible buttons.

- Thunderbird:
    * Fixed  search box in fast filtering bar to work on Thunderbird 68
    * Fixed the script to reading the message header (addresses, subject and date) to work on Thunderbird 68
    * Implemented a new way to get the options menu of the addresses in a message. Control + Shift + number(1-4) twice often does not work well. Now it can be done by adding the Alt modifier. Alt + Control + Shift + number (1-4) will now display the corresponding menu when a message is being reading and will take the focus to the corresponding field when the message is being written.

Download from

Greetings and enjoy it.

Javi Dominguez

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