Re: FW: [nvda] Poedit Made Easy NVDA add-on

René Linke


Perhaps, I found this old discussion at:


Instead of making an add-on I suggest to heavily overhaul, the included file in the NVDA source because there are things (for instance, Ctrl+Shift+A for reading notes, and Ctrl+Shift+C for reading comments), this included module is still not working for newer Poedit 2.x anymore. Lately, Poedit 2.3 is out now.
That old module in NVDA is kind of obsolete, and should taken care to update it.
And the other snippets and suggestions can probably be included as well that mentioned in the discussion.

This should put as a Proof of concept implementation of Poedit add-on feature (NVDA Core issue 4205).



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