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Is this the paid for Eloquence? I thought this had been sorted. If its the illegal one, please do not mention it here as it will end up with you going to get banned I fancy. Nothing personal, just that it is hardly a good thing if people encourage people to break the law, irrespective of the morals from the cost point of view in some countries.

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I am trying 2add eliqwence to NVDA the new release I need the link
please the old one is not compattal it is emcomepatible with nvda's

On 2/11/20, Locutor Antonio Cezar <antoniocezarlocutor@...> wrote:
Hello. First, very grateful to the efforts and dedication of this
wonderful community to adapt to Pyton 3 and the evolution of NVDA.
Second, you could ask the developers to alter the name of "pt_PT"
translations folder to only "pt", please so that all speakers of
Portuguese language could also benefit from the valuable translations
carried out by the Portuguese community (Portugal) of NVDA!?... Thank you.


Por favor, assine nossa petição no link abaixo, compartilhe com todos os
seus amigos, e colabore com a gente! Em favor do suporte para teclados
Braille com digitação multitoque diretamente na tela de dispositivos
Android para qualquer leitor de telas, principalmente para o Talkback!

Em 11/02/2020 20:01, Joseph Lee escreveu:


First, a huge thank you to Tyler Spivey, Chris Toth, NV Access people
and many others for continued work on Remote add-on.

Remote add-on 2.3 is now available from:

Also, if you are using Add-on Updater, Remote add-on 2.3 will also
show up for everyone.



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