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I don't see any of the jaws ones as they were made limited to Jaws only, and to hack them out would be illegal, I'd imagine that Pico might be possible. Is this not an issue which came up before that is simple to fix? At the moment its not disabled just does not show up so you cannot use it.

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I have a remote new add on. thanks so much. now I need the jaws voice
and other free voices rh voices peekO tts voices festable voices and
xfox voice for NVDA tts. screenreader. please

On 2/11/20, Joseph Lee <@joslee> wrote:

First, a huge thank you to Tyler Spivey, Chris Toth, NV Access people and
many others for continued work on Remote add-on.

Remote add-on 2.3 is now available from:

Also, if you are using Add-on Updater, Remote add-on 2.3 will also show up
for everyone.



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