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Well To be honest, there are little pops at the end of words like late, city, etc, sometimes "t" and other  words with sounding things like t or y or well who knows a lot of things, sound a lot sharper and maybe a bit to much.

It may just be things to get used to but even espeak pops at times.

On 12/02/2020 9:34 am, piotr machacz wrote:

Yes, this is exactly what I’m running into. Interestingly enough those pops seem to happen in pretty much the same places as they happen for you In phrases like NVDA menu, which to me at least suggests this may be somehow related to the speech system refactor. Glad to know I’m not alone, hopefully Tiflotecnia can figure this out.



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Is this the glitch you are talking about? It doesn't exist in 2019.2.1, and the standard and standard-high voices don't exhibit the same issue in 2019.3. See the attached samples for an audio comparison, though the specs on the testing environment isn't all that great.


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Subject: [nvda-addons] Vocalizer 2.1.0 Ad-on pops in compact voices


Hi all,
This message is mainly for Rui but I'd also like to know if anyone else is seeing this.

I just updated to NVDA 2019.3 and took the time to update my ad-ons. Since Vocalizer Expressive (the Tiflotecnia one) isn't ported yet I grabbed the updated version of the Vocalizer 2 driver on the Portuguese site on, plus a handful of old favorite voices (All the English compact ones to use Serena, plus Polish Agata and English Lee in premium).

I'm finding that the 2 premium voices work great. However, the compact voices have audio glitches. It's as if the audio cuts out occasionally for a few milisecond and comes back which causes a slight stutter and sometimes clicks and pops in the audio. These stutters also seem to be consistent and always happen at the same point in a sentence. To reproduce, simply switch to a voice like Karen or Serena, and navigate around the NVDA menu, adjust voice parameters like volume and listen to how the numbers are spoken.

I'm fairly sure I don't remember the voices behaving this badly on older NVDA versions as I used to use them pretty regularly, my computer is also pretty powerful (Core I7-6700 and NVDA is running from an SSD so performance shouldn't be a problem)

Is anyone else seeing this?


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