Re: Vocalizer 2.1.0 Ad-on pops in compact voices


Is this the glitch you are talking about? It doesn't exist in 2019.2.1, and the standard and standard-high voices don't exhibit the same issue in 2019.3. See the attached samples for an audio comparison, though the specs on the testing environment isn't all that great.


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Sent: Monday, February 10, 2020 3:18 PM
Subject: [nvda-addons] Vocalizer 2.1.0 Ad-on pops in compact voices

Hi all,
This message is mainly for Rui but I'd also like to know if anyone else is seeing this.

I just updated to NVDA 2019.3 and took the time to update my ad-ons. Since Vocalizer Expressive (the Tiflotecnia one) isn't ported yet I grabbed the updated version of the Vocalizer 2 driver on the Portuguese site on, plus a handful of old favorite voices (All the English compact ones to use Serena, plus Polish Agata and English Lee in premium).

I'm finding that the 2 premium voices work great. However, the compact voices have audio glitches. It's as if the audio cuts out occasionally for a few milisecond and comes back which causes a slight stutter and sometimes clicks and pops in the audio. These stutters also seem to be consistent and always happen at the same point in a sentence. To reproduce, simply switch to a voice like Karen or Serena, and navigate around the NVDA menu, adjust voice parameters like volume and listen to how the numbers are spoken.

I'm fairly sure I don't remember the voices behaving this badly on older NVDA versions as I used to use them pretty regularly, my computer is also pretty powerful (Core I7-6700 and NVDA is running from an SSD so performance shouldn't be a problem)

Is anyone else seeing this?

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