Re: Getting a complete list of colors NVDA has on file

James Scholes

No, because colour naming in NVDA isn't based on a simple lookup table. Instead, RGB values are converted to hue, saturation and value. A calculation is then performed to work out the:

* closest shade on the scale from white to black (e.g. white, light grey, black);
* the closest hue (red, orange-yellow, aqua-blue, etc.);
* closest applicable brightness categorisation based on saturation (very dark, dark pale, etc.); and
* if appropriate, the most specific brown hue if the color is within certin parameters.

I suppose you could force NVDA to calculate a name for all 16777216 possible RGB permutations in a brute-force approach and then store the lot. But there would be crossover between colours which were similar enough that they had the same name, making for duplicate entries.


James Scholes

On 10/02/2020 at 6:16 pm, Andy B. wrote:
Is there a way to obtain a list of RGB objects representing all the colors NVDA knows about? I need this for the next part of my project.

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