Re: New add-on proposal: Color wheel

Jim Homme


For convenience, is it possible that the user could somehow send colors from the Developer Toolkit to the Color Wheel addon? This would be very cool. We would not have to go through the steps of firing up the Color Wheel addon and inputting the color. I envision it working so that you press a key, NVDA fires puts the colors somewhere that the Color Wheel addon can find it, NVDA runs the Color Wheel addon. The addon checks the location. If it sees the colors, it does whatever it needs to.








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From: <> On Behalf Of Andy B. via Groups.Io
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2020 6:03 AM
Subject: [nvda-addons] New add-on proposal: Color wheel




To complement Developer toolkit, I am going to create another add-on called color wheel. Color wheel will come separately because some people might have a need for a color wheel, but not have a need for developer tools. Color wheel will have the following initial features:


* Find the complement for a specific color

* Find the split complement for a specific color.

* Find the analogous colors for a specific color.

* Browse a list of available colors to start with (still researching this point).

* Choose a color to start with by entering its RGB, HSV, HEX, or name values.

* Copy the chosen color scheme to the clipboard in the form of RGB, HSV, HEX, or name values.


To come later: square, rectangle, triadic color schemes.


What do you think?



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