Re: Release: Outlook Extended 1.5-dev-20200209

Noelia Ruiz

Hi Cyrille, OK, I will perform a last check and will post the link
provided by you in addonFiles to be published on the website.
About tuples, OK, I will use tuples when they aren't mutable, as done
in NVDA, but it's not important.
About pull requests, I think that this list is good for general
feedback, announcements, reporting bugs and so on for people who don't
have a GitHub account and discussion about particular things to know
if they are really bugs or not, before opening an issue.
Generally I make pull requests in my personal repo, even when none is
going to review it, for reference and give the chance of a review.
pcKbBrl is not in the add-ons organization, and for this reason I
asked you to review in my personal repo.
I think that really, when one is familiarized with GitHub, it's easier
to perform reviews there. For example I have mentioned a full stop,
but on GitHub I may commented the specific line and even suggest you
the right change, that you may apply.
Anyway for now it's not needed.
Going to home now and will post your add-on. If you have any questions
before, let me know.

2020-02-10 14:49 GMT+01:00, Cyrille via Groups.Io

Hi Noelia

Thanks for your feedback.
I have updated the readme to fix missing full stop as welle as other grammar
or typo errors. I have also added the change for version 1.5 in change log.
I did not generate another test release since only the readme has been
modified,so you can see the result on the Github repo page.

Regarding the series of items (lists or tuples), I usually use list because
I do not care so much if they are mutable or not. Also some data series
(list or tuple) may not be mutable in normal use cases but it may be handy
to have them mutable on debug purpose. In any case, I do not think that it
will change the performances since the number of times these lists are used
is small.
See this page for more information regarding list/tuples perf benchmarking:
And specifically this conclusion:
"I think the conclusion here is that if you need to create millions and
millions of small python structures (like if you're importing from a SQL
database row-by-row) a tuple may actually have some performance
advantages."If you disagree with this choice, let's discuss it of course.

At least, regarding PR's, I am not so convinced to use it for now since the
process is not yet clear to me. And also because I imagine that people read
more the comments in the e-mails of this list than comments in a PR. Anyway
I am not totally opposed to this. If you have further comments, I may open a
PR so that you comment there. Just let me know what kind of PR I should do:
should I do CyrilleB79/OutlookExtended/master ->
This is different from the PR's you opened since we are on a dev version.
For PcKbBrl review, the dev version was already reviewed informally on the
list), and I just had to make a last check, as well as confirming that no
other problem had arisen meanwhile.



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Hi Cyrille, i have reviewed diffs locally.If you (and others) are
comfortable using pull requests, it maybefaster to make suggestions. We can
post the add-on on the website.Anyway, I have seen that after the word
"again" in readme there is nota full stop (dot .), but it appears after
other similar items. Also, Isee several lists in the code and I am not sure
if they can bereplaced by tuples or if you use list since they are
mutable.Now I will go to job. Not sure if other admins are
available.Otherwise I can post the add-on after job.I don't know if we
should grant access again to add-on files to peoplenow, since I don't know
if they will be used in the workflow and maybeextra work, and I don't know
if after that access should be removedagain. I would like to ask Mesar, and
in the meantime we admins cantake charge of this.Admins are owners, that is,
Joseph as the main owner, creator of theorganization, Mesar and me.Cheers

2020-02-10 0:01 GMT+01:00, Cyrille via
Groups.Io<>:> Hello>>>> Here is a new
release for Outlook Extended.>> This release contains 2 bugfixes for NVDA
2019.3 compatibility:>> * Fixes error in information bar reading> * Fixes
table navigation in address book results>>>> Direct download link:>>>
00209/outlookExtended-1.5-dev-20200209.nvda-addon>>>> @admins:>> Please
update the download link on the website (get.php). Thanks.>>>> Cheers,>>>>
Cyrille>>>>> >>

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