Re: Release: Outlook Extended 1.5-dev-20200209

Noelia Ruiz

Hi Cyrille, i have reviewed diffs locally.
If you (and others) are comfortable using pull requests, it maybe
faster to make suggestions. We can post the add-on on the website.
Anyway, I have seen that after the word "again" in readme there is not
a full stop (dot .), but it appears after other similar items. Also, I
see several lists in the code and I am not sure if they can be
replaced by tuples or if you use list since they are mutable.
Now I will go to job. Not sure if other admins are available.
Otherwise I can post the add-on after job.
I don't know if we should grant access again to add-on files to people
now, since I don't know if they will be used in the workflow and maybe
extra work, and I don't know if after that access should be removed
again. I would like to ask Mesar, and in the meantime we admins can
take charge of this.
Admins are owners, that is, Joseph as the main owner, creator of the
organization, Mesar and me.

2020-02-10 0:01 GMT+01:00, Cyrille via Groups.Io


Here is a new release for Outlook Extended.

This release contains 2 bugfixes for NVDA 2019.3 compatibility:

* Fixes error in information bar reading
* Fixes table navigation in address book results

Direct download link:


Please update the download link on the website (get.php). Thanks.



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