Re: Add-on development, autocomplete, and VSCode

Pawel Urbanski

Search this group for VS Code. Someone once wrote about creating a
workspace structure with NVDA's sources...
And a side note - there is some serious bug with hte current VS Code
in development, which I plan to submit today to Microsoft people, I'm
in touch...
I am the one guilty of creating the NVDA-For-VS-Code add-on...

All the best,

On 20/01/2020, Andy B. <sonfire11@...> wrote:

I am trying to use VSCode Insiders for add-on development. One of the main
reasons is to get autocomplete for NVDA api references and objects. So, I
took Python 3.7 and made a virtual environment. I then took the contents of
c:\Program files (x86)\NVDA\ and put them in my
venv/lib/site_packages folder. After this, I loaded up the virtual
environment and started an interactive python shell. After typing import
api, I ended up with a chain of tracebacks stating that 'name' is
undefined. How would I create a virtual environment with the NVDA API
library in it?

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