Re: NVDA Remote Infected?


I had a similar error on a client's computer I was working on a few months ago (maybe six). It turned out that their web browser was infected with a virus, but somehow that effected the add-on with a false positive. I suspect it has to do with the nvdaremote:// URI scheme and how it works, but I've never bothered investigating further due to (1) a lack of knowledge, and (2) the issue going away once I removed the virus from the infected browser, Google Chrome on that case.


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Subject: [nvda-addons] NVDA Remote Infected?

When attempting to install NVDA Remote 2.2 from

My client's computers, verified by my own, are getting an error from Windows
Defender, claiming that the file was removed because it contains:


Is this a known false positive?

If not, I'm wondering if there is potential that
globalPlugins\remoteClient\url_handler.exe is infected?

Either way, this add-on is currently not installable on Windows 10.


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