Re: NVDA 2019.3

Luke Davis

On Sun, 5 Jan 2020, Reef Turner wrote:

Nikita, to address your concerns. Addons do not need to update their
compatibility flags until an API breaking change is introduced into NVDA.
This will not happen every release. When it does happen the
'' will be updated.
Forgive me for being thick-headed, but doesn't that invalidate the argument made against updating the version number to 2020.1?

The argument that has been posted to the user list and here, has been that add-on authors would have to update their compatibility flags to 2020.1, and so all the work done to get manifests ready for 2019.3 would be invalidated.

But if what you said in answer to Nikita's question is true, then that argument is not particularly valid since add-ons manifested to be compatible with 2019.3, would still work with 2020.1.

I am obviously missing a piece here.


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