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Reef Turner

Reef from NV Access here. NVDA 2019.3 will not be renamed to 2020.1

Nikita, to address your concerns. Addons do not need to update their
compatibility flags until an API breaking change is introduced into NVDA.
This will not happen every release. When it does happen the
'' will be updated.
The oldest API version still supported can be checked by looking at
'BACK_COMPAT_TO' value in the file

At the moment this value is 2019.3 (due to Python 3 upgrade and Speech
refactor), currently we plan to delay any compatibility breaking changes.
Hopefully in the future further granularity can be introduced into the API
versioning system so that addons that do not touch changed areas of NVDA do
not need to be updated.

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Please tell me how it is planned to processing compatibility flags in the
For example, I am releasing an add-on with the lastTestedNVDAVersion =
What happens when NVDA version 2020.1.0 is released?
Will I have to update all add-ons with a single change in the manifest.ini,
and all users will need to reinstall this add-on?
And so every time?
What if my add-on is fully compatible, but I got hit by a bus?

Don't you think plain users should have more control over installing
add-ons? They should have the right to control the risk of incompatibility
without necessarily repackaging add-ons.
Any of us may no longer be alive tomorrow, and maybe the person who repacks
compatible add-ons will not appear.

Sincerely, Nikita.

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No. If it was renamed to 2020.1 all add-ons will need to reflect that in the
So, all efforts made to make add-ons compatible will be lost and all authors
will need to change manifest.ini and submit again the add-on to the official

Rui Fontes

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Yes, I thought that as well, indeed it has to be that way.
At the moment nobody can tell.

Actually and being serious for a moment as we are now in 2020, is it going
to be renamed 2020.1?
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I don't know if you intended to do it this way. You made a little rhyme.


On 1/4/2020 9:36 PM, Dennis L wrote:

When its ready and not a moment before. I heard that quote years ago
and its true. You would rather they wait to release a version ready
than rush it out the door.

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*Subject:* [nvda-addons] NVDA 2019.3

Hi members, this is Mr. Tai from Penang Malaysia.

I want to ask, when the NVDA 2019.3 will be releace?

Hope can get the anser.

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