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Please tell me how it is planned to processing compatibility flags in the
For example, I am releasing an add-on with the lastTestedNVDAVersion =
What happens when NVDA version 2020.1.0 is released?
Will I have to update all add-ons with a single change in the manifest.ini,
and all users will need to reinstall this add-on?
And so every time?
What if my add-on is fully compatible, but I got hit by a bus?

Don't you think plain users should have more control over installing
add-ons? They should have the right to control the risk of incompatibility
without necessarily repackaging add-ons.
Any of us may no longer be alive tomorrow, and maybe the person who repacks
compatible add-ons will not appear.

Sincerely, Nikita.

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No. If it was renamed to 2020.1 all add-ons will need to reflect that in the
So, all efforts made to make add-ons compatible will be lost and all authors
will need to change manifest.ini and submit again the add-on to the official

Rui Fontes

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Yes, I thought that as well, indeed it has to be that way.
At the moment nobody can tell.

Actually and being serious for a moment as we are now in 2020, is it going
to be renamed 2020.1?
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I don't know if you intended to do it this way. You made a little rhyme.


On 1/4/2020 9:36 PM, Dennis L wrote:

When its ready and not a moment before. I heard that quote years ago
and its true. You would rather they wait to release a version ready
than rush it out the door.

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Hi members, this is Mr. Tai from Penang Malaysia.

I want to ask, when the NVDA 2019.3 will be releace?

Hope can get the anser.

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