Custom symbols.dic dictionary for an add-on.

Pawel Urbanski

Dear smart people,
I want to improve how NVDA reads source code of most programming
languages. I created a Visual Studio Code add-on, which you can find
over there:

I want to create a custom: symbols.dic dictionary file, based of the
default file for English locale. I created a folder: 'locale', with a
folder: 'en' inside it in the nvda-for-vs-code folder.
Unfortunately, it seems to me that my changes are not picked up by
NVDA with the following settings:
1. A custom configuration profile for Visual Studio Code with speech
level set to: 'some'.
2. The dictionary file containing the following modifications:
{ left brace some
{ phrase ending left brace some

I want to start with making NVDA speak opening and closing braces, but
not other types of brackets, which can slow down reading.
Later on I ould like to create regular expressions for complex symbols
that would replace some programing constructs, for example:
if(!x>0) {} to be read as: 'if not x grater zero'.

What should I check / do, so my symbols.dic file is applied?

All the very best,

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