Re: About speechHistory add-on

Noelia Ruiz

Hi Abdel, a repo is not created for this.
While James and Tyler can reply, please let me try to contact Mesar.
As you know, GitHub is more accessible than Bitbucket and the system
is complex. For example, I think it would be better to fork a repo in
the add-ons organization and moving the translations system to GitHub.
Mesar Hameed, the creator of this system, forked placeMarkers to the
add-ons organization to test how add-ons could be translated using
GitHub instead of Bitbucket.
Hi is very busy, but let me wait for some days or try to contact him
again in case he can move the system to GitHub before creating the
repo on Bitbucket. At least I wish to ask him to borrow work if
Not sure if he can answer quickly or when. Please be patient. He said
me that he would try to contact me over Christmas to complete this

2019-12-26 16:03 GMT+01:00, Abdel <abdelkrim.bensaid@...>:

Hi all,


A Pull Request is pending on the GitHub repo of the speechHistory add-on:

If you agree, you can merge it.


Is there a repo on Bitbucket for this add-on?

If Tyler and James agree, I suggest that a repo on bitbucket be created
so that this add-on is linked to the translation system.


Kind regards,

Le 25/12/2019 à 12:48, Abdel a écrit :
Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your test.

Try this fix, the download link is the same:

I just added a space in line 35 for Python versions greater than 2, as

    text = u''.join([x for x in sequence if isinstance(x,
basestring)]) if sys.version_info.major == 2 else u' '.join([x for x
in sequence if isinstance(x, str)])

Does this fix the bug for you?

Kind regards,

Le 25/12/2019 à 11:19, Nikola Jovic a écrit :
Hello. Thanks for your work. I'm facing a small issue with this addon
under python 3 releases of NVDA which can be noticed if you try to
copy any text from a GUI. For example, if you copy the keyboard combo
box in the NVDA keyboard settings dialog, the output looks like this:
Keyboard layout:combo boxlaptopcollapsedAlt+k. Normally there should
of course be a space between the control label and it's role. Under
2019.2.1 for example, this same output looks like this: Keyboard
layout:  combo box  desktop  collapsed  Alt+k

On 12/25/19, Abdel <abdelkrim.bensaid@...> wrote:
Hi James, Joseph and all,


Don't worry, we're here to help each other.

If you allow me, I could help you make the speechHistory add-on
compatible nvda-2019.3, there is not much to do.

You just have to add the import of the sys module and modify line 35 as


     text = u''.join([x for x in sequence if isinstance(x,

     text = u''.join([x for x in sequence if isinstance(x,
basestring)]) if sys.version_info.major == 2 else u''.join([x for x in
sequence if isinstance(x, str)])
The basestring type doesn't exist with Python 3.

It will also be necessary to define minimumNVDAVersion in the manifest
file and set lastTestedNVDAVersion to 2019.3.0.

Optionally, it will also be preferable to define tab as indentation,
Joseph and Noelia have always advised me to do it.

For the documentation of the add-on, it is absent, it would be
to take that appearing on the community website.

The local folder is also missing, it should be added, in order to add
the documentation of the used scripts to translate.

I think I have forgotten nothing, do not hesitate to tell me if
something is missing.

Download link of the version tested with nvda-2019.3beta1, I have not
yet added the local folder, nor the documentation:

Kind regards,

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