Re: Add-on Input Lock when NVDA Keyboard Help is enabled

Daniel Gartmann


Hello José Manuel,


I tried on my machine, and the touch-pad is still blocked even after turning keyboard help on. So, my system does, indeed, allow for the track-pad to be turned off both when Keyboard Help is off or on.


I will try on the user’s machine as soon as possible and report back.


The expected behavior is that I can have the touch-pad turned off even when Keyboard Help is turned on. So far, everything looks fine and I apologize for the noise.





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Sendt: 14. december 2019 18:45
Emne: Re: [nvda-addons] Add-on Input Lock when NVDA Keyboard Help is enabled


Hi Daniel,

You can assign a gesture to block the touchpad / mouse movement only by going to NVDA Input Gestures dialog. From the Input Lock settings category on NVDA settings dialog, you can customize this gesture to block even mouse clicks, but it's disabled by default because it gives problems also with the keyboard. I recommend you to block the touchpad before entering in Input help mode. Let me know if it works for you.



El 14/12/2019 a las 18:29, Daniel Gartmann escribió:

Sure. But why would it be a problem if the Input Lock add­on also blocked the track­pad when in Keyboard Help mode?
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Sendt: 14. december 2019 17:38
Emne: Re: [nvda-addons] Add-on Input Lock when NVDA Keyboard Help is enabled
This is a difficult one.  I understand why it would be helpful, but at the same time the expectation is that with keyboard help mode on, NVDA commands will not carry out their intended function.
James Scholes
On 14/12/2019 at 7:28 am, Daniel Gartmann wrote:
I am using the Input Lock add-on with a user who is learning to 
touch-type. The idea is to block the touch pad from moving the cursor 
or mouse pointer.
Now, when NVDA's keyboard help is enabled, I notice the track pad does 
move the mouse pointer, hence my question:
Is it possible to have Input Lock blocking the mouse when keyboard 
help Is enabled? This would really be of benefit to a new user who 
needs to explore the keyboard without the fear of doing something 
wrong on the keyboard or in other ways.
Thanks for this great add-on.


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