Re: Extended Winamp and others with no recent author presence: emergency Python 3 compatibility releases to go out this week, community maintenance

Noelia Ruiz

OK, this seems reasonable for me. I'm flexible about this and in
general regarding on how structuring or ordering thinks. No problem
for me. In this case, when the section is created, I will move
teamViewer there, in case someone wants to work on the add-on, instead
of removing it completely.

2019-11-26 20:30 GMT+01:00, Lukasz Golonka <wulfryk1@...>:


On Tue, 26 Nov 2019 16:50:25 +0100
"Noelia Ruiz" <nrm1977@...> wrote:

Hi, not sure. What about moving add-ons just to the development
section of the website without creating a new one?
Maybe simpler than creating a new section which may give a lot of
importance to add-ons not updated by authors.

While your proposal would eliminate work required to create and
maintain a new section I do not think that it is very user friendly.

When I hear 'development section' my first thought is the section for
add-ons which are not stable enough to bbe used, but are going to be in
the future, because there are being worked on by their authors.
The add-ons which we are discussing at the moment however, are nor
unstable (they are simply not working with 2019.3) nor under active
development (if they would be they would not be discussed in this

In my view separate section is needed,


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