Extended Winamp and others with no recent author presence: emergency Python 3 compatibility releases to go out this week, community maintenance


Hi al,


Important notice for users of Extended Winamp and other add-ons where we lost touch with add-on authors recently: starting today, updated versions of these add-ons will be released, all of them being emergency releases to make them work with future NVDA releases (in this case, Python 3 and beyond). We will try our best to release versions that are known to be compatible with old and new NVDA releases in order to ensure smooth transition.


Also, I advise community maintenance of at least Extended Winamp – I expect more add-ons to join community maintenance, seeing that we haven’t heard from authors in a while, especially at this very sensitive moment where the biggest concern is making sure add-ons circulating around NVDA community are ready for the future.



P.S. I’ll find Extended Winamp from the archive – I’ll post Beqa’s version since it was tested by several and found to be working.



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