Re: Plugin Help please!

Luke Davis

On Wed, 6 Nov 2019, Nathaniel Schmidt wrote:

 consequently, I think it would be much better to package the item as an app module, since it would then allow the end user to subjectively rename the file
to which ever text editor they want to use.
You are making two assumptions there which may not be safe:

First, that users will do the right thing in renaming the file or folder.
Second, that NVDA will retain the appModule name equals application name mechanism. There are already limited discussions underway about getting rid of that way of doing things. It won't make it into 2019.3 I would think, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it start happening in 2020.1.

You might consider making it a global plugin, and doing your keyboard interaction as an overlay. In other words, a two step process: one (remappable) key sequence to turn it on, followed by your own keys to do the reading or exploring or whatever.
Then you only have a single gesture in the global scope to worry about.

Where it makes sense, provide unassigned global gestures to do certain things, with the assumption that only advanced users will do that, but that most will use your overlay.


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